You Can't Buy A Better Motor Then Ford

My story starts out like this....... i was living in eau claire,wi and moving to phoenix,az ...I picked up a truck in eau claire,wi and started to drive to phoenix..and my first stop along the was was omaha,ne were we stayed over night..
The next mornning we got under was and headed for colorodo for are next stop ....But the truck started to mess up....and the truck would not go over 55 i called buget truck rental and they ask me were i was at..and i told them i was coming up on kerney,ne i pulled in to the repair shop in kerney and the machanic pop the hood open and guess what we found...THE OIL CAP....was laying on top of the radiator..come to find out when i picked up the truck in eau claire,wi they had drain the oil and for got to add it....So i drove 550 miles with out a drop of oil....and the motor had burn out barings...Now you tell me is that one tough ass motor ......your damn right it is.....FORD OWNER AND LOVER TILL DEATH.........and the commercial when it say's BUILT FORD TOUGH .....that is a very true statement i'am a witness to that'

Joseph McDowell
FORD # 1