Why I Bought A Ford

In Sept of 2006 I set out to buy a new pickup. I went to the local GM dealer. After 2 days of abuse. I was offered a 5 year lease on a sport utility I didnt like or want. I asked the salesman If he heard one word I said. I repeated what I wanted and why. I needed a pick up for my business an extended cab for my family. Four wheel drive and a plow. Yet the GM dealer continued to unload left overs. Finally I called Holman ford and spoke to Pete in Finance. I expalined (once) what I was looking for and why. We did a credit app over the phone. I am an over the road truck driver. At the time I owned a truck of my own. Pete called the following day and asked when I was going to be home. I was out for a couple of weeks. Pete explained he had exactly what I wanted and for 50- a month more than GM wanted for an suv lease,(I had no idea suv's cost so much). For the record, my explorer's never cost nearly as much to own compared to a gm lease.
When I came into Town I called Pete. My kids and I went over. When we saw the truck pete had picked out for my family. I KNEW he heard every word in our conversation!! I still have my truck. The kids and I love it! We are a 100% ford family. Thank you Ford and Pete for actually hearing and delivering what we wanted.