Adventure With Our Transit

We bought our Tansit in springfield Mo. . We had to make a trip to Washington State. From the time we left everwhere we stopped we had to open it up and answer questions about it. We really enjoyed that as we were so proud of it. Even after we got back we were still doing the same thing. Just recently in a Macdonald Drivethru we had to explain it. We always Gave Dirctions to the for Dealership or the Internetsite. Due to unseen circumstanses we had to turn it back in. But wanted you to know that We really enjoyed and loved our Transit Connect. We also used it to help alot of people. Was really easy to do with all the room that was in it. We will really Misss having it. Would love to have even put Ford logo on side, as while we had it we felt like Ford emplyoees. Thank You for Making such a Cool Van and for allowing us to Have one for a short time.