Wind Storm Vs Ford Tuff

It was a windy stormy night at our Collegiate Peaks Elk camp and we were awakened at 4 am by shouts of help from our hunting buddies in the tent next to ours. Their wall tent was loosing the battle against the Colorado Mountain wind. As we were getting up to assisit a loud noise that sounded like a frieght train rumbling throuh our camp and ending with a crash knocked us back on our bunks. Fortunately the 100 foot tall pine beetle infested tree had barely missed our tent but landed squarely on top of a brand new Ford 250 4 door 4x4. It looked like a gladiator brought to his knees. Neither the sherrif nor the state patrol would come to our aid. The road in and out was littered with trees. The National Forest Service detoured a crew on their way to a beaver damn project and commenced to cut away the tree from hell. Hours later we secured the doors with bungi cords and drove to town. Severely limping but boldly running down the highway we were greeted by horns and cheers from passing cars! Plenty of photos-
Albert McDannel 03/08/2010
That's one TUFF TRUCK!! I feel a lot safer with my F-250 Super Duty after reading this. My son
owns a Chevy, that he has had in the shop (transmission failure). He call my Ford "The Beast"!
That's O.K. with me. No problems with my '03 Ford. Great Truck!!
nick 01/18/2010
Alan 12/06/2009
do the same thing chevys and fords are good trucks its the dodges you have to worry about
jefforey 12/05/2009
take a licken and keep on ticken
Alex 11/02/2009
That is amazing!!! Look were their tent is, holy cow. I'd like to see what this tree could to to a Chevy.