What An Awesome Truck

In December, 2009 the last 40 Marines were waiting for their ride, a charter bus leaving Quantico, VA. 500 Marines had just completed pre-deployment training and were headed to Afghanistan. We just had a record breaking snow storm and were stranded in the back part of Marine Corps Base, Quantico for three days. The bus should have arrived, so I drove down the snow and ice covered road to see if there was a problem. I found the tour bus stuck in a snow bank on a Route 1 exit ramp. It had stopped at a stop sign, slid backwards about 50 meters and lodged into a snow bank. After several attempts of shoveling and rocking the bus, the driver called a wrecker. It would take about 6 hours to arrive, so the frustrated bus driver allowed me to help. I attached a tow line to my 2001 F-250 Super Duty and pulled the bus out of the bank and up the incline on an icy road. What an awesome truck! A picture is worth a thousand words.
Samuel Williams 12/19/2010
Only in a Ford !!!!!
Barnwell 12/16/2010
awesome!!!! cant beat the ole 7.3!
Justin Growden 11/08/2010
I am actually one of those Marines that were stuck in Quantico because of the snow storm. I remember that 3 of our busses were stuck on base also, resulting us getting stuck at Dulles for 2 days. We barely made it home for Christmas. Thank you for your help!
Kerri 11/08/2010
1999 and 2003 Superduty's owned by my husband. Was amazed at all they have accomplished for him with what he has to tow and the work he does. <<>>
Hunter Mounts 11/04/2010
I have a story similar to this about a super duty. I was with a friend of mine working on a farm and our truck drives peterbuilt wouldnt keep running. it would run and die, run,and die constantly. It was loaded down with a hopper trailer that was full of rice. Our driver tried to go up a hill on our field road and the truck died and wouldnt go anywhere. me and my buddy were in a 2005 F-350 King Ranch. Since the truck couldnt get up the hill we tied onto it with a tow cable and pulled the truck and trailer 10 miles running 55 with ease. These trucks are beasts. The semi truck and grain trailer weighed around 60 thousand pounds.
cody webster 11/03/2010
now thats a ford powerstroke for u . i have a 2000 ford f-250 6 speed dieseal 4x4 and its a increadable truck i have pulled old tractors out of a muddie field it did that with no problum
Dominik 10/31/2010
Semper Fi Devil Dog! Now that's the spirit!