The Ultimate Sacrifice

Three years ago I made the decision to leave my business, my friends and my F350 dually in Michigan to come home to Massachusetts to care for my elderly parents.

I drove my Jeep Wrangler back east, started my business back up (I am a horseback riding instructor), buried my father, met and married my husband, and moved my mother into assisted living during the next two years.

My business then began to grow and I found that I needed a truck again, but I was upside down in my payments on my Jeep. My husband shocked me and offered to trade in his Audi S4 (his baby) in for a F250!

I was so overwhelmed, especially since he is not a Jeep guy, and definitely not an orange Jeep guy! He had his eye on the Ford Fusion ST, so I offered to trade my Jeep in. I am happy to say he took me up on my offer and now we are a real Ford family with two Fords in the driveway!