The Christmas Spirit

By Jim W.

Me and my family were on our way back from Fantasy in lights at Callaway gardens in Georgia. We had just crossed the Alabama state line when we came up on a truck that was stuck in the middle of the road. The driver attempted to turn around by backing up, he went a little too far off of the road and his right rear tractor duals were in the air and his left duals would not lock up. Simply said, he was stuck in a bad way. I was full of the christmas spirirt so I offered to pull him out, my Uncle which was with us on this trip said it couldn't be done or I would tear something up. I toid him my truck will do it and if it broke, well that's why you buy a Ford. We always rag each other, you see he is a uhh-mmh-uhh man, well you know the other brand. I think this year when I order my new 2012 F 250 before I retire from the Army, he might just go with me to uhh-mmh-well you know, look around. Love you Uncle DL, but I just had to put it out there, LOL.