The Best Truck I Have Ever Owned

I bought this 2003 F250 6.0L turbo diesel in 2012 with just over 230,000 in 5 months i put 30000 on it between 3 states the only thing this truck has ever need was a little tlc in fact I only put on a new batter cable new brake pads calipers and the hole sha-bang. in all i spent $560 on parts and did all the labor my self i recently had it taken to the local Ford shop here in Texas and the maintenance man said it was the cleanest truck he had seen come in the door with that many miles on it, its all original parts none have been replaced on the engine and i only upgrades the torque censor in the transmission. other than this the shop told me the only way i could make this truck better is to buy a new one. Ford is the best truck and has never let me down im at 265,348miles as of today and i get 26mpg on the high way and 17 city with out a doubt ford is the best work horse ever built!