By J D G.

My brother, after a night of Karaoke, headed home. Came to an intersection crossing a State Highway, and tried to cross. Not sure if his foot slipped off the brake, or what.
Truck went into the highway. A double tandem Semi weighing 71,000 lbs, going 60 mph impacted on the Ford F-250 Super Duty's driver side door. Impact pushed the cab 1.5 ft. off the frame. The floorboards "rippled", folding like an accordian. The truck bowed. The driver side compacted into the passenger side. The crash was catastrophic. The semi was totaled.
My brother survived.
Pat Pine 10/06/2011
this is how trucks should be built... strong enough to total a semi... and live
Ashley Goode 03/31/2011
Oh wow! I'm glad your brother survived. How was the person in the semi?