Super-duty Pulls Out Super-duties!

My family went to Va. for my Grandfather's birthday. We stayed at a hotel in Norton, Va. The next morning, we left to go visiting. It had rained during the night. The soft spring ground mixed with the rain made a Car-hauler sink to the point where the drive wheels were just idly spinning. He was hopelessly stuck! I asked my Pops if it would be alright helping the guy out. My Pops being a retired trucker, looked to be confused. But having worked forDST and having done locations with "Team Detroit". I knew just how strong the Super-Duty Powerstroke Combination was! We were met by the same confused look when we offered to help the driver. "If you think you can?!" was his reply. I grabbed a couple of chains from his Chain box and hooked the SD front tow hooks to the tow hooks on the Car haulers front bumper. The first try failed with SD bouncing up and down "Barking" the tires. My Pops said let's try a little jerk!! So he pulled forward leaving slack in the chain. Then he shifted to neutral and turned the 4wd selector to 4 low. I tightened the buckles on the chains, knowing they were the weak spots. The failure could have been epic if one of the chains snapped, while trying to move this unmoveable truck. I held my breath and took shelter behind a tree while my father held tight the brake while pressing down on the accelerator, spooling up the turbo... When he let off the brake, there was a loud snap. I had feared the chain had snapped!! But as I left from behind the tree, I heard the familiar "Barking" noise as the SD met the end of the chain at "Max torque"! Suddenly like magic... The huge beast jerked forward!! The SD now barking repeatedly as it dragged the beast from the pit of mud it had been mired in!! My Pops held it to the floor until the drive axles of the Car-Hauler hit the pavement. Then they drifted backwards as the Driver throttled down, while Pops hurriedly backed straight up, trying to stay out of his way. When the last axle hit the pavement they both stopped. Pops stepped out of the truck ten years younger! He was so proud! The driver of the car hauler, crawled out of the cab and we all met at the chain. "If I knew that truck could do that, I would have used one of them!" The driver said pointing over his shoulder. The whole time we never noticed! The car hauler was loaded with three Super-duties!!