Stuck On The Beach

By Jim S.

On 01/1/2011 New Years day I drove to Assateague national park to take my pre-owned F250 to see how it drove on the sand. Feeling brave and thinking I had no worried because I had a SD. With the sand being harder on the surf I drove close to the breaking waves. The truck started to bog down and eventually I got stuck up to the step bars. I had never had trouble driving on the sand, however after a closer look I discovered under 2" of sand was 13" of snow. I was unaware this area had a snow storm a few days before. A park ranger stopped by and could not tow me out because he couldn't get around the 3' cliff that was cut into the beach by the storm. All he could do was give me the number of a tow company. It was New Years day at 8;00 am, I did not have the equipment needed in case u get stuck, I didn't deflate my tires, no shovel. Basically i did everything wrong that day. I called the tow firm and they were 2 hrs out. In a panic because the tide was coming with waves breaking within 20' of the truck. Using my hands I dug the snow out around my tires, deflate the tires. Still no luck, I only got deeper. I realized I had 4 bags of rock salt and put a bag under each tire. Still no go. In high 4x4 and in reverse I started to move and then it started to bog down. I put it in low 4x4 and stepped on the gas. The truck didn't come out of the snow, the back bumper was actually plow the snow! I was thinking about the power the truck had. With the 3' sand cliff still a obstacle and fearing I would get stuck again I decided to plow through the cliff rather than drive around around ir. I turned (still in reverse) and hit the cliff, sand and snow flew every where but the truck never slowed down. I hit the beach dropped in drive and got the heck out of there. One of the most scary and exciting times in my F250. The power of the truck is awesome, it is truly a beast and proved it that day.
Bonnie R 11/08/2012
Ford tough