Our Ford F250 Saved Our Life

We were involved in an accident June 3, 2012. We had just purchased a 2005 Ford F250 4WD on April 7th for my ex husband Randy Markland. He had been working in Canada and flew home to Beaumont, TX on June 1st. He first drove the truck on that date. The truck had a lift kit and was really great looking and he fell in love with it. We had breakfast Sunday morning and was on our way home when a young woman who was texting on her phone veered into our lane of traffic. Randy tried to avoid her and moved into her lane but she over corrected at the last minutej and broadsided us. The truck slid around and went backwards into a ditch and rolled over two times. Luckily, we had our seat belts on and when the truck stopped we were upside down in a ditch and trapped in our seat belts. I was finally able to release mine and fall to the roof of the vehicle. I was unable to release Randy's seat belt and he remained strapped in until EMS got to us. Not one of the windows broke on the truck. EMS has to pop the rear window out to extract us from the vehicle. We were both taken to the hospital by ambulance and were fortunate enough to escape serious injury. We both had scrapes and bruises and were roughed up a bit. Randy did injure his elbow and hand and I was left with neck, back and chest pain but we felt so fortunate because it could have ended up with much more serious consequences. I am so grateful that we were in this big truck instead of my Toyota Camry. I feel this truck was instrumental in keeping us safe and saving our lives. I tried to include a video showing pictures before and after the accident but my format wasn't supported. If you can give me an email address, I would love to forward it to you. We are devastated that the truck was totaled. We would love to purchase a new one, but with the prices, aren't able to. We have already started a search for another used F250 4WD in excellent condition. Thanks FORD, we owe you one!

Karen Curtis and Randy Markland