My 2011 F-250 Is Super Awesome Towing Machine

I purchased a 2011 F-250 Lariat FX4 with the new 6.7 diesel engine so I could purchase a 5th wheel camper. This is my first diesel truck (but not my first Ford) and my first 5th wheel camper. The 5th wheel camper weighs in at about 12,000 pounds and is 38 feet long. My family and I recently completed our longest trip date, about 200 miles with the the new rig. The new F-250 is truly a super awesome towing machine. I continue to be amazed at the power and torque of the truck. It pulls the camper like it is a little red wagon. Seriously, I can accelerate up hills while towing the 12,000 pounds that causes my wife's minivan to down shift multiple times just to maintain speed. This truck has serious intelligence. On this most recent trip, I discovered that while in tow & haul mode (while towing my camper), I set the cruise control to 65 MPH while traveling down I-10 here in Texas. The drive was very comfortable and I just sat back and let the truck do all the work. The truck is smart enough to realize that there is a hugh load behind it and uses every bit of turbo boost and torque to keep from down shifting while in cruise control mode when encountering hills. I had anticipated that it would be constantly downshifting and searching for the right gear as we encountered some pretty good grades while going through the Texas hill country. I was dead wrong. The truck only down shifted once and even then it was smooth and very calculated. 99% of the time, it just keep applying more power while staying in 6th gear. The speed might drop a few MPH but it quickly recovered. It truly was a pleasure to drive. Honestly, it was nearly identical to driving the the truck without the towing the camper. Wow!! Oh, and to top all this off, I got 12 miles per gallon on my trip home while running 65 MPH with the 12,000 pound camper. That was awesome as well.

Thank you Ford for building such a great truck. I absolutely love my F-250.
Chris Gaskins 08/20/2011
Air bags were installed after the photo. Be nice, the engine is not gonna blow.... It has been a real solid truck with 15K miles on it so far.
Chris 07/27/2011
Now put some air bags in the rear to get rid of that squat.
When the engine blows...swap it for a cummins