Mega Miles On Ford Trucks

My 2000 Ford Ranger XLT has over 208,000 miles, looks and runs well. It has been buried in snow, driven through water, fields, mountains and anywhere we can go.

I love my little pickup truck and take relatively good care of it. Regular oil changes are a must. I keep the exterior and interior clean. It has never had any major problems, and has taken my husband, dogs, cats and me me from Florida to South Dakota! Most of our friends cannot believe the mileage my little truck has on it - it just does not look like it is ten years old. This is the longest I have ever owned a vehicle and I am not ready to part with this black beauty.

My husband and I also have a 1978 and two 1979 Ford F250s - we have fully restored one, are in the process of restoring another (pictured) and use the 1978 as our farm truck. We bought that truck last fall - it had been parked in a field for over a year. We towed it home and got it running that evening. All it really needed was a new battery. Of course, we replaced spark plugs and wires, but other than that, it was in great condition! One of our 1979 trucks had 79,000 miles on the odometer when we bought it three years ago. I cannot imagine what the mileage really is on the other two trucks. Our restored F250 went from Seattle to Florida to South Dakota and lots of places in between and since!

My husband had a Ford F250 for over 330,000 miles when we were dating. There is no reason why our current vehicles cannot go the distance!

We are most definitely Ford People!