Life Goes On

I recently wrote about Me & Kodiak. What I did not mention was what I did with my last truck, a 2001 Super Crew. Over the days prior to the purchase of my 2013 F-150, I was trying to decide what I was going to do with it. It had 240,000 miles and my boss was the one who helped get this 2001 Super Crew and it was my boss who told me I should get this new one. He told me to get the new truck and he would pay for it, (see how The Lord works), I did not even mention it to my boss that I needed a new truck. He just told me one day, it's time to get a new one and in less than a week I was with Kodiak. So back to the other 2001 Super Crew. Over the next few days I prayed and wondered what was I going to do with it. I was offered $2500. for it, and thought maybe I can get more for it. I kept praying on it and finally the day I was going to pick up Kodiak., I asked The Lord what should I do with it. Please believe me, when I say this, He said you got it free right, I said yes. He then said give it away. When I said to who? He told me to my Pastor. I text my Pastor that morning @ 7:30am, and asked him if he wanted my truck. He text me saying, heck yea... Later my Pastors wife said that he was supposed to get His dads truck when he passed away but His family did not give it to him, The Pastors wife told me that he was so happy. Isn't The Lord amazing. The photo shows my new truck and my Pastor picking up the other one, Blessed I am, The Lord is good.