Incredable Crash

I just wanted to drop you a line and thank Ford motor company for the quality automobiles you produce. I was in a car crash on wednesday april 7 2010. I had my wife and a son and doughter one 3 and the other 2 years old. Both the children were in there car seats, and both my wife and myself were wearing our seatbelts. The other car came over the center line and 4' feet into my lane I tried to move over but was not able to get completely out of the way. we were going between 45-50 mph we were side swiped. The other car took out my rear axcell eventually causing my 2002 f250 to go into a slide and eventually roll over one time. Again I want to thank each and every employee of ford for the quality truck. We definatlly had somewone looking over my family that day. We all walked away from that terable accident with only a couple of brusis no cuts no broken bones, we are all a little sore, but we are alive thanks to you. I can garentee you that when the dust all settles and I start to look for a new truck it will be a FORD THANK YOU AGAIN WE OWE OUR LIVES TO YOU AND YOUR EMPLOYEES