I Love My Ford Truck

I bought a used '99 ford f150 in june 2001 to move my 2 boys and myself to our new home after my divorce. I am VERY PROUD to say my truck is running just fine. I have no body damage, no interior tears, no cracked dash and no smoke coming from my tailpipe. today is 09-29-10 and my truck rolled over to"""290000.00""" miles today. this is my one and only vehicle and it is driven EVERY DAY! my son is 16 and is beggin me to get myself another vehicle because he wants my truck. this is my 4th ford truck, my first was a YELLOW FORD COURIER, had a f250, had a beautiful 79 ford and now my 99 f150. just want you to know I love my truck! thank you -ALINE-