Head-on Collision

By Ron S.

In January 2008 i was driving the truck in winter and lost control. Before I knew it I was facing a bus in a head-on collision. As you can see from the picture the truck was badly damaged. It was classified as a 100mph crash. I was traveling at 40 and the bus was at 60 mph. The amazing part fo this story is that I am still alive. When Ford says "Built Ford Tough" they mean it. That truck is what saved my life. it collapsed exactly how it was designed to do. It created a cocoon around me and protected me from the crash. I managed to walk away from the accident with 11 broken ribs, a fractured strenum and a collapsed lung, but I was alive. My injuries were caused by the air bag, but it could have been worse. After the accident we bought another 1999 F-250 and we now own a 2011 F-350. As Ford says "Built Ford Tough".
Dean M 01/09/2013
Uhh... that's not how a cab is supposed to work. When you crash, the ideal car will send the energy around the passenger section and crush the front and rear of the car rather than the cab. More than likely, the two vehicles collided slightly offset, causing the massive crushing of the cab.
Pat Pine 09/17/2011
Mr. Chevy im, jus sayin, if there was a silverado involved in a 100 mph classified colision with a buss, the driver might not be walking away so easily, personally i would love to have a 2012 f 450 with a 9ft fisher, when i turn 16 knowing if it ever had to it would save my life... Jus Sayin
Walter Thomas 07/04/2011
Wow god is amazing. To the Chevy guy, it is very obvious why you said that. One of my friends was killed in a crash like that in a 2005 Ford Taurus. Fords are built tough. My moms 2001 F-150 took down big sized tree and only had to replace the front bumper.
braden 05/17/2011
if you look at the cab it looks like it did its job perfectly actually
Chevy Silverado 04/19/2011
From the looks of it, it didnt do to well. Jus sayin