First Person To Put A Million Plus Miles On A V-10

i bought my f-250 with 16000 miles on it ,now it has 1.2 million heading to 2 million and going strong . My local for dealer did my million mile oil change. Alot of people ask me what ford has said about my truck and the engine ,and I tell them nothing .
Richard 02/01/2013
Colin you missed the part where he said a v-10
Colin J 11/24/2012
Looks as good as the day you bought it. I often see a F250 4.2 XL doing the rounds that I know for a fact working as a pilot vehicle for long hauls achieved this figure 3 years ago . The amazing thing was it was purchased new in 2002. Great trucks
Richard F 11/22/2012
It's expected for a truck to last longer than a car I believe. My ? Is how would a Mustang last driving from the top of the country to the bottom and from the east coast to the west coast? I have always had this dream of driving along the east coast on A1A. It would be the man driving his dream in his dream machine. Pictures could be taken and a lab top supplied where people could give there in put about Ford and the Mustang. Ford Social could have day by day pictures and people's input across the country. We know what kind of HP it produces but how durable is the machine. I know the more HP power a motor produces the more things that break. The whole trick to this trip is to stop in towns maybe do some dealerships and some car shows.
Paul 11/21/2012
We have a 2004 4.6 powered Econoline with 690,000 miles on it, and I'm confident it could pass the 1 million mark, only problem is it is not my primary work vehicle anymore so it might take a while to get there. All of our Fords through the years have had multiple hundreds of thousands of miles and still to this day we have never experienced better results with any other manufacturer. Thank you FoMoCo!
WOW That is impressive! as the saying goes, if you love your car (truck in this case) it will love you right back. Your truck will keep on chugging forever at this rate :D