Finally Got My Truck

By Dan F.

My name is Dan Fout and Im from Vinton County, Ohio. I have wanted a truck like this since they came out new but I was still in high school. After 13 years I finally got one, 2002 F250 7.3 Diesel 4X4. I've had it for 2months and I love it!!
Pat Pine 09/17/2011
i feel the same way i'm in high school still and soon to get my license and my dream truck is a f450 with a 9ft fisher on it, sadly its never going happen, basically just t pipe dream, but i hope to get one eventually.
Jack Steiner 09/08/2011
I want one too, just can't find one with reasonable miles on it.
Sal Undy 08/29/2011
Nice man! Very nice choice!
Benjamin Burkhardt 08/24/2011
The best engine International ever made!