Dream Comes True

In 2010 my wife and I deceided to make our dream come true. I needed a new pickup. Mine was a 1997 GMC half ton. We had a 1999 used 30' Mallard RV trailer. But we wanted a new truck AND a new RV. We started to shop. All three trucks (Ford, GMC & Ram) looked good, but we wanted a good puller, but I needed a everyday truck to go to work. 300 miles a week to work. The 2010 F-250's looked good but, when I seen the 2011 with that big grill, I was sold. I didn't want a diesel, because of everyday use, too expensive. I choose the gas. We bought ours in July of 2010. We went with the super crew cab. The truck is great. We love it and have over 42000 miles on it already.
Next we started looking for a RV trailer. We found one in April of this year. A 34' foot loaded with lots of extras. Something we have wanted for years. We started in 1976 with Ford F-250 with a 8' slidein camper. Us and two small girls filled it up. Now we have this. Dream come true.
Thanks Ford for all you have done in the turn around. Your cars and trucks I think are best made in the world.