Dont Need A Duramax Here

We were on our way back from the race track(Thunder Road Vt) after my son`s race. I drive an 2004 FX4 F250SD Crewcab V10. There was a good size hill on interstate 89 north and I looked in my mirrow to see a Chevy thinking he was going by. We let him get about half way by( we have a 24ft enclosed he had a 20ft enclosed)I could here the Duramx growling, then I rolled on the gas to start to pull away when I noticed the smoke cloud. I figure he was chipped up and had a big exhaust hanging there. The more smoke poured out from him the futher back he went. We pulled away like he was tied there. We had the same thing happen a few weeks later with a Dodge, except the Dodge was trailerless. We left him up hill and on the flats too. To some it up I think the V10 is the best gas engine for the Super Duty. The way I see it if your worried about gas milaege you shouldnt be driving a truck anyways. The only thing I would change is making it with an optional supercharger.This truck will pull anything. I have been driving Fords now for 20yrs. And still own my first Ford its an 1981 Mustang.
Timm G 12/29/2012
What are you talking about? The V10 is a dog, I drive a stock duramax and never have a problem boosting up a hill with a load. The V10 was fords cheap alternative to thier diesel, they had to give it two more cylinders just to give it comparable Torque ratings to their and competitors diesels. Yes the V10 probably puts out more horses than a non-turboed duramax but that doesn't exist now does it? I doubt even fords V10 engineers even would claim it was faster as that was never the intent. You want a real truck buy a diesel, what's wrong with getting good mileage and getting work done?
Matt w. 01/31/2010
I love Ford trucks. The best truck i ever owned was a 92 F-150 when i finally let it go it had over 260,000 miles and still ran like a champ i couldnt kill that truck if i tried. Theres a reason why they are called hand-me-down Fords.
Ray Ford 01/19/2010
That is a great story . We know who builds the best trucks out there. I have 1995 F150 with 275 klms on it has a 300 inline six and has not had a wrench on it . The Best never Rest. I have been a Die hard Ford lover for all my 45 driving years.