Big Red: A Testimony To The Greatness Of My Fathers Truck

In 2001, my father came home late in the evening driving a red pre-owned F-250 Super duty with a gas engine from Tomball Ford. I was only 12 years old at the time, and I had never seen such a monsterous truck. My father's work required towing a heavy window trailer along with gigantic tool boxes through various sites around Houston. In other words, he needed a heavy duty truck, and he had found the correct one. Every morning, he would start the truck up and as he left for work, the truck would let out a low, powerful growl, which is why I eventually nicknamed it Big Red. Over the years, it has also easily pulled our steel horse trailer either hauling horses or hay bales. No matter what the task required, his truck would perform with ease and finess. My dad dilegently kept up with any maintenace or mechanical repairs, and everyone admired Big Red. A few aquintances even went out and bought a fancier version of my father's truck because they fell in love with his simple one. Eventually, the transmission did go out, but trying to acquire another truck of the same quality was too costly for our family. Since my dad still had faith in Big Red and the truck was still intact, he decided to save up the money needed to have the original transmission rebuilt by a mechanic. Once the transmission was placed back into Big Red, the truck statred up beautifully, emitting just as much power as ever. Thirteen years later, Big Red is still going strong with over 430,000 miles. Sure, there are a few wear and tears that need repairing, but the truck itself is still towing heavy trailers with ease, which is amazing for a gas engine. Naturally, my father believes he is on borrowed time seeing as the truck has such high mileage, but I still have faith in good old Big Red. In fact, I am now driving my own Ford truck, which I have been wanting ever since the day my dad drove home in Big Red. Like his, my F-150 1995 truck has a fascinating history since it once belong to my great-grandfather. Overall, I suppose I truly do come from a family of Ford owners, with Big Red being the biggest celebrity. I guess you can say it is pretty amazing that a gas engine with over 430,000 miles is still going strong after thirteen amazing years of service.