Best Truck Ever

I bought this truck new at Port Lavaca Ford in Port Lavaca TX. It is hands down the best truck I have ever owned. It was hard for me to trade my 1996 F-350 for it but I really wanted the Diesel.
I am in the Navy and the trailer you see attached to the back of it is usually my home. It has pulled that trailer from Mississippi to Florida and all over the Eastern Seaboard and up to Rhode Island without any hick-ups. I look forward to this truck getting me and the trailer where ever I get to serve next. I never thought I would get as attached to a vehicle as I have to this one. This truck has never left me stranded and I can't imagine ever getting rid of this beast. However, I am kind of fickle and the new Super Duty's really have my attention.
After being a hard core GM owner for a long time, I can't even consider ever owning anything but a Ford. Thank You Ford for building a great truck! You have made a believer out of me.
Ron 05/05/2010
I also have a 2001 F-350 duallie with the 7.3 PowerStroke Diesel. I feel that it is the most enjoyable and comfortable vehicle I've ever owned. My wife and I celebrated our 25th anniversary this past summer by taking our 31 foot,11,000 pound travel trailer from our home in Alabama to Colorado, where we went on our honeymoon 25 yrs ago. Let me tell you this truck of mine traveled over 10,000 foot passes in the mountains without even breathing hard. We literally passed almost everyone on the road. The mileage was incredible, many times ranging 15 mpg pulling our huge trailer. We easily got 20 plus mpg without the trailer. I don't think I will every trade this incredible truck in. It's family now.