All In One

The Ford F-250 super duty has become our life line in these hard times. I purchased the truck after my 1st year of owning a hardscaping company. I needed a truck that could do it all. I was unsure if the f-250 would be up to the task but it has surpassed my high expectations and has given us a little extra.

I needed a dependable truck to work 5-6 days a week up to 16-24hrs a day in all weather conditions. I also needed to be able to carry a full pallet of concrete pavers (2500 pounds), or a cubic yard of crushed granite up and down !-70 in Denver Colorado. Along with that I needed to be able to haul a dump trailer that weighed 5-6 tons. I also needed to be able to do snow plowing and ice control in the winter. I have some very tough chores for this truck.

At times during the summer I would accomplish 2-3 loads of of pavers or Granite per day. This was before I owned the dump trailer. I also would travel up to 300-400 miles a days going to estimates or business meeting. The truck worked flawlessly.

After I purchased the dump trailer. I was unsure if the truck would be able to handle a full load of material and still perform. After the first few loads I was greatly excited the truck towed this with no issues. At this point the truck became my life line. I was no longer had to pay someone to deliver materials at $75-125 a load. Now the truck was making money.

To top it off, we got into the snow removal business. The super duty jumped to the task. It is setup with a plow, salter and backup lights. When the storms come in, its ready to go. 24hrs a day 7 days a week. Due to the down turn in business our only source of income in the winter months is snow removal and this truck keeps us going.

At 160k miles plus, outside of general maintenance the truck has had no break downs. Without this Truck my family would not have been able to survive these hard times. When your living depends on a truck to get the job done the super duty is the only choice in my book. Thank you Ford for this exceptional Tool.