A Typical Day

By Amy W.

This was sent to us from a very satisfied Ford owner. He took a picture of his parking lot at his business and it's full of nothing but Ford vehicles. All employee vehicles.

Here is what he wrote:

Just had to send you a picture of a typical day at our shop AKA "the Ford parking lot", all employee vehicles.

Our customres consistently make some kind of comment when they visit us, either "so where do you want me to park my Chevy?", or if they drive a Ford they "feel welcome and at home here."

Missin this picutre is an E150 van that is here every day. Besides all the vehicles in the picture today (including the flatbed truck in the background that you sold to us in 2008), the other cars the employees sometimes drive to work are a blue '05 Ranger (on those days we have a red, white and blue Ranger iine-up!), Mustang bullitt (you sold our son a couple years ago), Ford Explorer, mid 60's Mustang, and mid 90's F-series truck; and currently there is also a 1989 "project" Mustang parked in the shop. We rarely have any non-Fords parked here. Not planned, just sort of works that way! We have a very long list of previously owned and currently owned Ford vehicles for our business and home, dating back into the 80's, as well as our parents and siblings driving mostly Ford trucks and SUV's.

Just thought we'd share a picture with you of our Ford Lot. Don't have as many as you have at your business, but it's 100% Ford.

Have a great day!
Roger & Carlotta