World's Best Vehicle - We Survived!

Your Ford Ranger saved my daughter and her friends lives! They were traveling at approx. 80 mph down the 40 Hwy in Arizona when suddenly they went off the Hwy. The truck rolled over MULTIPLE times before coming to a stop. The crash was horrific. The jaws of life were needed to rescue one of the passengers.

Yet, all of the passengers and the driver walked away with only minor cuts and bruises.. They were all wearing their seat belts and the airbags deployed properly.

We are all THANKFUL that Ford makes such a tough vehicle. I know that if my daughter had been in any other make or model vehicle that she and her friends would have been seriously hurt and very possibly not have survived this type of accident.

I am thankful that she owned a Ford vehicle! By coincidence her last name and our family name is FORD; but it is no coincidence that she owned a Ford vehicle. Our family has put our trust in Ford vehicles for over the years. Now my daughter put her trust in a Ford vehicle and it saved her life!

Our Ford family trusts Ford vehicles and that trust has saved my daughter's life. Thank you Ford Company for making such a strong, dependable and TOUGH vehicle.

I am attaching one of about 40 pictures of this accident, an accident that spared my daughter's life.

If you would like more information please contact me @ 1-310-994-5328 (cell ph. & message ph.).

We would be more than happy to share our story and help promote your wonderful life-saving vehicle!

Mrs. Yvonne Ford-Johnson
justin paone 01/11/2010
I was in a 85mph head on collision in my 94 mazda b2500 (2wd ranger) and me and my friends walked away.. Toughest compact truck made. A+++++++
Jake Burwell 12/10/2009
I agree with you Yvonne and will never trust my life in other vehicles as much as I do now with Ford build trucks. I just entered a post prior to reading the story of your daughters. Up until yesterday I had an F150 and my wife and I took on a headon collision at 70mph and we walked away. Im just waiting for insurance to pay and going right to the Ford store to get another.