Working Ranger With Over 400,000 Miles

This 1995 Ranger just rolled up 400.000 Miles. Owner by my friend Derick. He purchased it used in 2003 with 119,000 Miles. Dereck is in the Car Washing business. The truck is used daily for his personal and business and is his only vehicle!. The cylinder head was replaced at around 200,000 miles. The engine has never been rebuilt. Everything else about the truck is original except the seat covers!. It looks very good and Dereck depends on it for his bread and butter! He has a great work ethic and takes wonderful care of his truck and friends! This would make a great story for FORD. Hopefully Dereck will get some recognition!
skyler 04/25/2012
im way passed that guys lol i have 600,000+
I gaining on you have an 02 with 280k