The Ranger That Wont Die!

I truck when I was 18. Although I wish it was on better circumstances. My father was always a ford man. He bought a 1993 ford ranger splash 4x4 brand new. He passed away in 1995 and I got the truck. L. It has 43,000 miles at the time
He used it to haul wood, trailers, and to off-road. Well the truck currently has 453,122.2 miles. And its never needed a thing except for routine maintenance. I can honestly say I beat the snot of the old girl. But the old 3.0 v6 still ticks along. Thanks so much ford, for building a truck to last. She has never let me down!
Shawn 09/26/2012
I got a 06' Ranger 3.0L. with 37,000miles. Only owner, You guys gave me hope it will go over 300k miles.
Matt M 06/15/2012
Ford Rangers are great! I wish they would keep making them here in StPaul, Mn. I have one with 325,000 miles on it!