The Ranger Is In Icu

I have been a Ford fan all my life. My dad and mom worked at a Ford dealership when I was born. Now my dad works at a gold mine in Nevada where he works on only Fords. My dad’s first truck was a 1963 Ford pickup. He has continued to drive only Fords since then. Following the tradition I got my first truck at the age of 14 which was a 1991 Ford Ranger. It was wrecked so my dad and I rebuilt the front end. A year after that the oil plug got pulled by someone while I was at my junior prom. It took over a year for us to get an engine for my truck. We finally got an engine put in right before I left to attend WyoTech, a mechanic trade school. I have been at WyoTech for 3 months now.

On my way to school on Friday November 13, 2009 I rolled my ranger. I got on the interstate like I did every morning except I was running late this day and my roommate and I hadn’t put our seat belts on yet. The roads were wet from the snow that was falling. Kind of in a hurry I went to cross a bridge that goes over the Laramie River. The truck then spun around 180 degrees and I was facing the wrong way in traffic sliding toward the median. Right after the bridge I slid off the road the passenger side rear tire caught in the dirt flipping my truck over.

When calling my parents and telling them all I could do was cry and tell them that I had ruined my little ranger. My parents came and picked up my truck and now we are on the search to find me a body for my Ranger. I also have built a 2.3 Turbo engine out of a cougar xr7 to put into my ranger one day.