The Lost Swede Came Home

Sundsvall Sweden = Far far away

Hi I just needed to share a life changing experience that I had yesterday. I strolled quite unexpectedly in to my local car dealer and looked around. There was the front of a (winning)blue pickup that caught my eye, I went closer and the whole world dissapered around me. The only thing left before my eyes was the new Ford Ranger Wildtrak Double Cab.
I heard my girlfriend talking far far away but I was to focused on this creation of God to notice. I went slowly around it and absorbed all the details, finish and colours. I went in to the driver seat and it felt like home, everything felt like home! After sitting there for a while, smiling I had to check under the hood. Found easy the lever and went out to check.
Suddenly just when I was about to reveale the motor compartment the lights in the store went out and I heard a voice saying "we are closing now, please come back tomorrow".
So now I'm sitting here with a hole in my chest. I have experienced the true me and from now nothing will be the same.

Thank you Ford for showing who I am and for showing the way home!
Ram M 04/09/2012
I am not buying a Chevy Colorado or a Dodge because I don't want them to get my money twice. I want to buy a Ford Ranger that has 4 full size doors. I have seen several of them around town. I leave in border town across from Mexico. I will not be forced to buy a truck I do not want, so am considering a Toyota Tacoma or a Nissan Frontier. To bad my dad was a ford guy.
martin lemons 08/27/2011
I too wish that ford would bring the new world ranger to the USA. I have a ten year old f150 supercrew, but the new ones are so much bigger. If ford would bring this to the USA, I would be the first to buy one. I think the new ranger is very sporty. Yes, it would hurt F150 sales, because there are alot of people who want and need a midsize truck. I will not buy any other brand. I guess i will have to wait and hope that Ford will bring this truck to market here. But, I do not want a redesigned F150 that looks like the reanger as it is too large. Please Ford, change your mind!
joe scofero 08/07/2011
Yes please bring the Ranger Wildtrak stateside
Jay 04/22/2011
I agree, VERY sad to see Ford is not listening to us. We want our Ranger kept alive! I myself only want the small/mid size truck. F150 is TOO Big for my needs, and it won't fit in the garage. Really upset with them for killing the Ranger.
David JOnes 04/17/2011
Oh I love that.. Much better...I have been waiting for 7 years to improve ford range, am sick of the old ranger and sick of old engines! I agree with Jacob Bradly written!
I want AWD with 2.5L EcoBooster Turbo engines L4 better long range fuel with 18 gals tank. I want 30 MPG plus please. I agree with Jacob Bradley...!!!
Jacob Bradley 04/13/2011
Dear FoMoCo ,The F-150 is a great truck, very capable and all that (6 in the family, 73 78 85 95x2 & 07) BUT it is too big, too heavy , too thirsty, and a bit too lumbering for what I want in a truck right now. I NEED a smaller truck than the current F-150 but somewhat bigger than then the current U.S. spec ranger (I.E. Mid-Size) that has better gas mileage, more nimble, easier to fit in various places from city parking lots to the woodland trails but still be able to accommodate 4 people in the cab and still haul & tow, anywhere between 6000-8000lbs is fine by me because I rarely need near 11,300lbs or even 9000lbs for that matter if the need ever arises I will just borrow one the numerous F-150's in the family. The f-150's have grown in size over the years and I (and many others including some of my friends at a 3 of the local dealerships) would like to see an option within your lineup as a ranger or F-100 mid-size and with more modern powertrains (possibly the 3.5l 6 cyl. and a turbo 2.5 like the new Explorer and of coarse a 6-speed transmissions. I can't use a Fiesta for field work and a F-150 is too thirsty will just get caught between a rock and a hard place(literally~tree~). I will vouch for you Ford to many if you do bring us the world Ranger. Call it the F-100 if need be to count it in with F-series sales. Thank you if you read this and seriously think about it.
Anthony Choi 04/13/2011
I'm trying to hold out on buying a Toyota Tacoma in hopes that Ford will finally bring this midsized truck to the United States like it should have a long time ago. As a stick shift of course.
Stefan Bergström 04/01/2011
So you guys have to go to Sweden then.
But don't fill up the tank over here, the price for a gallon here is 8$.
So the Ranger is kind of to thirsty for Swedish prices but I dont care. I want it!
Jordan 03/31/2011
I agree, but all signs point to Ford sticking to their guns on discontinuing the Ranger in North America and not bringing the global Ranger to our shores. Bad Ford, Bad!
Keith Rowe 03/30/2011
This needs to be made available in the US...Please !!!!!