Second Chance

My name is Mariah Lynn Williams and I am 18 years old. My 2003 Fx4 Ford Ranger, saved my life
On November 7, 2011, I decided to drive from Flagstaff, AZ, to Phoenix, AZ to look at apartments and houses with a friend. The weather was terrible that day and everyone was nervous to be driving down. By the time we had reached Maricopa County (Phoenix territory) we thought we were home free, safe and through the storm. We were wrong. Within 2 minutes it was pouring rain. While trying not to get run over, we went 5 under the speed limit, still going 70 mph instead of 75. I was in the far left lane when I noticed someone trying to cut me off and come over. Reacting as fast and best as I could, I swerved to the left to avoid a collision with the other car coming over. As fast as lightening my truck’s rear end began to swing around clockwise. I was now facing the oncoming traffic. The truck slid sideways from the far left lane all the way off the freeway, ramming into a 60 ft roadway sign on I-Beams. The truck tore it out of the ground. It then rolled into a ditch, out of the ditch and 50 more feet, landing on the driver’s side of the truck. I could not believe what just happened and that I was alive when the truck had stopped rolling. I immediately looked to my friend suspended in the air by her seatbelt to see if she was okay. She was alive and absolutely fine. I looked behind me and the last third on the driver’s side back window was partially busted out. I unbuckled and pulled myself out of the half shattered window. As soon as I was out my friend Jaycee Kaufman, was pushing her door open and got out as well. My flawless, gorgeous, truck; was now a demolished wreck of metal and hardware. I could not believe we were still alive and that the roof didn’t collapse after the high speed 70 mph rollover. As fast as it happened, people were pulling over and running through the ditch to come help us. They let us sit in their cars while the ambulance came for us. With only some slight head trauma and bruises and cuts, a few fractured ribs, I truly felt blessed that we were alive and barely even injured from such a high speed rollover. You guys all helped save my life. FORD TOUGH (:
I know how bad the weather is around flagstaff. Me and my wife almost got killed by a trailer on our truck from the rain but luckly I reacted fast enough. The truck fourtanetly was still alive but yours must have been pretty bad. Poor ol' ranger.