Rollin Ranger

on my way home from work, i was driving my 94 ranger around a wet turn where i started to fishtail, as i tried to correct it i ended up playing pinball with the curb and went up this steep 30foot embankment where i rolled along the top of the embankment for 150ft ran head on into a large boulder and flipped bed over cab onto the passenger side in the opposing lane of travel. though i didnt have my seatbelt on, i landed in the rear passenger seat and managed to crawl out of the rear window. ems said i should have died as soon as i hit the embankment, but i say that my truck saved my life. the roof held up remarkably and other than the frame being ripped from the body, there wasnt much body damage to the truck itself. even though it's an easy rollin ranger, it's still built ford tough.