Revived From The Dead

By Cole P.

It started in 2004 when my dad needed a truck to haul with and something I could fit in as a kid. About 2 years ago me and my father fixed the rust in the bed arches which was very common in this generation and I also repainted it as a truck for me to have. It was all finished and 1 week later a guy blew a redlight and we hit him going 55 mph. She had 500,000 miles on her and still ran after the wreck (built Ford tough). The paint was still gell! The revival started 2 months later when I bought an 89 for the frame and body panels only. This time I did a full out restoration with my father. We pulled out the 3.0 from the wrecked one, rebuilt it and put it in the 89. We had to do some engine mount mods because the 3.0 didn't exist in the 89 ranger. I will definetly own this truck till the day I die.
David S 08/16/2014
Bring the World Ranger to America, there are people waiting for this to happen. We can't fit a F-150 in the Garage, just too big.
Wait and see what GM is doing with the Colorado and the sales they take away from Toyota, with a vehicle priced $10,000 less.
It can be done, become the segament leader we used to be.
Ford Social 06/11/2014
Hi Cole! Great job on the restoration! Thank you for sharing your story. - Ford Social Moderation Team