Ranger Wreck Could Have Been Worse....

I drive a 2002 Ranger.  Last friday I was in a wreck that could have been a lot worse.  4 car pile up.  The other cars looked trashed, but my Ranger looked pretty good.  The air bags deployed, and the plastic on the bumper has seen better days now... but that's about it.  Right before impact I remember thinking that that this was going to be really bad.  I walked away with a bruise on my knee where it hit the stering column.  That's it.  The air bags didn't even break my glasses.  I had it looked over and it is fit to drive.  I'll replace the air bags and she will be ready for a few more adventures with me.  We all start to look a little worse for wear in our old age.... but that doesn't make us any less valuable!

I would buy another Ranger in a heart beat if Ford brought them back.  The models in Europe look amazing, and if they were offered here in the US I wouldn't even consider another auto.  Please Ford!  Bring back the Ranger!!  
M Kovack 05/26/2014
Thank You...
Daniel M 01/24/2014
I agree 1000 percent. Look around the streets, there are millions of them and they just keep going. Bring back the Ranger!