Ranger Power

By Guy L.

I had 4x4 ranger that was awesome. My parents lived on a farm one day the tractor slid off into a ditch and get stuck. My other tractor would not start. So I hooked my ranger up to it and it pulled right out.  My Dad was even surprised. I would hook yup 10 ton gravey wagons to it and go down the road full of grain. The only time I would get stuck was when I was setting on the frame. That ranger would go anywhere.  My brother had dodge durago 4x4 it would get stuck in wet grass. I would take my ranger in the field when snowing and play never loss control or get stuck. My brother trade his durago for a F150 4x4 so that he do the same. That ranger helped save lifes of my calves in the winter and bring feed to them. it was small enough that it would go any where and haul anything. I went to the gravel yard and got limestone. The operator accidentaly put 1 ton of gravel on that rager took it like champ.