Ranger Just Turned 10 Years Old, Still Has The Original Battery

After owning my Ranger for 10 years, I felt compelled to share my story. I have owned several vehicles since I bought my Ranger in 2000, and they have come and gone, but I still have held onto my Ranger throughout all those years. I ordered it in the fall of 99, and took delivery in April 2000. Since then, it has been the best truck anyone could ask for! The fact that it has the ORIGINAL battery after 10 years simply amazes me! The midwest winters and summers can take its toll on the best of vehicles, but my Ranger has always been there for me...never letting me down! I have always owned Ford vehicles, and will continue to do so as long as I can drive. Its the quality and reliability of Ford products that keep me coming back! Thank you Ford for another job well done!
Mark O 12/01/2010
After almost 11 years, the original battery finally gave up in the Ranger. Last night I had to replace it. It was tough to see the old battery go. Since I originally posted this story back in May, I knew that after 10 years on a factory battery, I was on borrowed time. I decided to see how long I could keep going, knowing that it would eventually die, and it did.

I dont know many people who can say they pretty much drove a vehicle for almost 11 years without any major problems. Besides wear items, the only thing that happened was having to replace the head gaskets. Other than that, this Ranger just drove on!

Thanks again Ford!!!
Robert 08/14/2010
I believe this since I have a 2001 Sport Trac with 200K miles and the original battery as well. As everyone else has said, this Sport Trac has never let me down. I love Ford and would love to see a new more fuel efficient hybrid truck. I love the F-150 but it is too large for my driveway and need a smaller truck. I have gotten up to 27 miles/gal on the highway at times with this truck. Would also love to see a hidden compartment in the bed of the truck to rival the Honda Ridgeline. My last truck was a Ranger and it too never let me down. Ford trucks rock.
ty 06/14/2010
This is why Ford is killing the Ranger. It lasts too long.
Jackson222 06/06/2010
My 04 Ford Explorer has almost 90,000 miles and is 6 years old. Has never let me down and still has the original battery too!!! I now know I'm probably not going to have to change my battery for another 4 faithful years... or more!!!
Louis S.T 05/17/2010
I sold my Toyota LN 106 1989 model, which it is the famous and tough car in its category in Sabah Malaysia terrain road. You must go to Sabah to see the topography of the land and you know exactly the real situation here. I used to find another double cabin that meet my needs and real tough one for daily uses. So I visited many vehicle dealers, Mitsubishi Triton, Toyota Vigo, Isuzu Dmax and the last one is the Ford Ranger, what make me interested on the model is the bolt and nut steering system, all the vehicles I checked are installed with reck and pinnion steering system. I have to try the ford ranger first and I will tell the advantages of this model later after i bought it and tasted this model.
blake 05/16/2010
My dad used to have a RANGER too. But he sold it and bought another one.But then he sold his other one and we haven't got another one.I like cars.I also like FORDS.My dad sometimes brings them home because he gets to bring home demos from work.
Jenn 05/14/2010
That's a hot looking Ranger!!!!