By Roy P.

1993 Ford Ranger with 317,000 miles and it's the best truck ever.
Robert W 08/28/2013
I, too, would like to see the Ranger brought back.  I now have an F 150 which is a nice truck, but entirely too big for me.  I had second thoughts about trading in my 2011 Ranger for this monster.  I wish I had kept the Ranger or gone to another brand that had the size of truck I need.  I need a gentleman's truck not a working man's truck.  I have a standing order for a smaller truck with an extended cab.  Why did Ford decide to ditch the Ranger?
Frank, Ranger forever 08/03/2013
My ford Ranger is an 2004 tough as nails with 255k so far. I'd like to see the Ranger come back.