My Story begins (Kind of) with GM. But see thats the thing does it begin with GM or Ford. Who Made Who. My Parents worked at GM's Norwood Assembly Plant in Cincinnati, Ohio, for a combined, 33 Years. They made Camaro's. And My Step Dad's Brother in Law, (My Uncle in Law), Worked there 25 years. My Mom's Cousin, Worked there 33 or 36 years. Something like that. So combined Between 4 people they have almost 100 years experience building Camaro's. But to get to the point My Step Dad was an Airborne "Ranger" in Vietnam. So theres that, the "Ranger" thing. And this was no small deal to him he has a Tatoo of the Airborne "Ranger" Badge on his right forearm. It was his world at the time, He made 400 Jumps and some behind enemy lines. And he said that was one of the best things he ever did, (Be a part of the US Army, Airborne Rangers). He said it taught him Self Discipline, And Endurance, and how to be self disciplened enough to endure sleep deprivation, among many other things. But those were the main things, Self Discipline, Endurance, and Sleep Deprivation. So of course my Mom & My Step Dad worked the night Shift at GM. And they made a good UAW living with their combined incomes and I'm forever Greatful to the UAW & GM for that. Which brings me closer to my point. I never really cared or heard much about my Mom & Step Dads jobs until the 6th Grade, 11 years old. I got curious and asked my Step Dad about Gm. And he said "Its Big", and really all they care about is Quality, Effenciency, and Quantity. How effenciently, a person can produce a certain quantity, at a certain quality. And basically thats all he said and I didn't ask anything else. And for some reason (probably because I love my parents so much), I thought alot about that. Then in the 7th Grade, age 12, in my history class I learned about the Industrial Revolution, and the Major contributors to it in America. Which again brings us to Ford. I was taught that the modern "Mass Production Assembly Plant" was 1st used most succesfully by Henry Ford. Then came GM and all the rest. So I thought that this fairly high quality lifstyle that I lived and enjoyed and appriciated so much basically was because of Henry Ford. Because after all if it weren't for him there probably wouldn't be a GM as I know it. But since then I've heard different things, like Henry Ford initially worked for Cadillac before going off to do his own thing. So its kind of a Who made Who type thing me. But I will always respect my History Teachers History book, and instruction from that book. And 1 reason is because She was my neighbor for about 3 years, and I used to go play on the Trampoline with her son, that they had, and she was also my homeroom teacher. And she has some dirt on me, I'll give it away here just so you know I'm telling the truth, While I was her neighbor I went next door one day to play and no one was home. I tried the door and it was open. So I went in and played with her sons toys which I thought were the greatest things in the world. But they came home and caught me, and said that I did a bad thing because that was tresspassing. And her being a history teacher she said she would be watching me and my tresspassing habits for the rest of my life. I was only about 3 or 4 years old then but I remember, because she was a history teacher and a very good one, and very nice, and my neighbor, and homeroom teacher etc. etc. . So I'll always be greatful for Ford & GM & My History Teacher. Because now I know that not only is GM "Big", but so is Ford, and History. And not only does GM focus on Quality, quantity, & effenciency, but so does Ford, (and thats actually a hallmark of Mass Production Assembly Plants, that Ford actually made successful). Anyway I'm a Ford Fan Too. Thank You Ford.