Proven Tuff

Growing up my dad used his ranger 4x4 pickup he bought brand new to haul snowmobiles.Bass boats and go hunting winter driving.I got into figure 8 racing and my truck broke down and didnt think i was gona go my dad without a hesainte said hook the stock car and trailer to my ranger and load truck up. i laughed he said laugh it up ull see.I hooked it up hesainte but when he went down the road it pulled the trailer and made it to the track so i could race.People at track said u pulled that with ur ranger dad laughed and said of course its a ford what do u expect.Next race i seen people tring to pull with there checy s10 and they couldnt do it. dad laughed and told me to always remeber that when u have kids and u need dependibily ford is way to go.He would rather walk then drive a dodge or a chevy.And this will be something i always remeber try a ford u will be impressed.Recently im been tring to sell my chevy silverado 1500 z71 4x4 in hopes of getting a ford 2011 f150 been saving and scraping to get it but i truely believe from what history has shown me its gona last me and do whatever i put it trough and everyone knows i go offroading and do stupid things when i go joy riding.