My Ranger Saved My Life

Just last week, I was driving home from a Jake Owen and Eli Young concert in New Hampshire to my house in Massachusetts. After dropping a friend of at home I began the last leg of my trip. About 10 minutes from the exit I take for my house, a group of deer jump out and across the lane I was driving. I struck one dead on deploying the airbag and me fumbling to maintain control. But my Ranger stayed straight and true. She never let me lose control even with an airbag in my face. I survived without any injuries and all thanks to my Ranger and the added protection of a brushguard. At a quick glance, you would never have guess she was in an accident. In fact, for a light truck in a collision like that, she was able to complete the drive home and saw me safe to my house without any problems. She won't tow as much as an F250 or have the cargo/passenger space of the F150 but that night she proved what it truly means to be built FORD TOUGH. Bring back the Rangers to North America Ford....I already decided what I want my next truck to be