My Husband Survived Because Of A Ford

my husband says that the first accident that happend in 2004, he was hit on the drivers side of the vehicle on part of the backside of the driver's door, the extended cab and the front of the bed. the other guy that hit me was going 65 MPH he was in a brand new dodge dakota pick up. and i was told that if i was in a toyota that i would have been paralyzed (my ford ranger was a 2001) all that had to be done was have the drivers door replaced and they had to replace the whole side of the extended cab, and they replace the whole bed of the truck, so mainly only the outside of the truck was messed up, there was nothing wrong with the inside of the engine,transmission, or anything like that, they fixed it and it looked like it never happend. So the next accident was in the same truck on january 29,2006 i had gotten into an argument with my son's mother for drinking while being pregnant and left the house to cool down a bit and so i went for a ride in the same vehicle, and because i was so angry i forgot to put my seatbelt on and the tires blewout on the truck and i was ejected through the windshield of the truck and as i went the truck was rolling over on top of me. i did suffer alot of injury's and the exaust manifold burnt my right ankle and i had to have reconstructive surgery done on it just to save it, then on the left leg i had broken it in 4 spots and now have a rod and pins in it, i also suffered a traumatic brain injury which left me not knowing how to write or read very well so this is why my wife is writing this for me. GOD was with me on both of those accident's and if it wasn't for the BUILT FORD TOUGH TRUCKS then i would not be here at all to let everyone know that i loved the Ford Ranger and would still drive her if she hadn't been totaled in the last accident in 2006, and if i had remebered to put my seatbelt on. NOW I DRIVE A FORD F150 1998 that i bought in august of 2005 and traded my piece of junk 2001 saturn to get her and i am very satisfied with the '98 ford f150 instead of the saturn. all i have had to do to this truck is regular maintenance, new tires,and shocks. she runs like new and my wife and i actully had to live in it in Long Beach,Calif. because i was trying to get on social security and am still waiting to get on it and we are living on her social security because she has siezures, we lived in that truck for 6 months and my wife is very attached to her, We got out of that communist state of Calif. and drove 1700 miles to Tekamah,Nebraska got married and we will keep this '98 ford f150 and put a cabover camper on it so we can go have fun somewhere and sometimes in the summer, but we will be looking for an FORD EXPEDITION 4X4 so that we can also get around in the winter here. I VERY MUCH LOVED SHARING MY FORD STORY WITH Y'ALL if it wasn't for GOD AND FORD i would not be alive to tell this story THANK YOU FORD, KEEP THEM COMING!!!!!!!!!!!!