My Ford Saved My Life

I have always been a Ford person; perhaps my love affair with the company began when I first starting watching the defunct TV series called "Picket Fences." In this drama, Detroit native Tom Skerritt was noted to be driving around a 1992 or a 1993 Ford Explorer XLT and well, like the story goes, the rest is history. My first Ford was a very used 1987 Escort sedan and once it finally wasnt able to run any more, I purchased a brand new 1999 Ford Contour SE. Unfortunately, 5 years after I had purchased it (and a short 4 months after I had it paid off) it was totaled out by a deer; in way I was mad, but I come to realize it was a blessing in disguise. I was then able to purchase a gently used 2002 Ford Ranger XLT super cab 4x4-love it and really wouldnt trade it for the world. My Ranger has gotten me out of more problems than I can count on 2 hands-namely when the weather here in Michigan is anything but great as far as snowfall is concerned. However, I think the most important thing my Ranger has done for me was save my life. 2 years ago, I was hit practically head on by someone making a turn under a caution light. Bracing for impact (and saying a few choice words) I readied myself for what was about to happen-the driver of the other vehicle made contact with my passenger side, causing both of the airbags to deploy. Perhaps something that should be stated is I was going about 45mph, the other driver maybe 30mph and I only walked away with a severely bruised arm from where the airbag had made its impact. When I look at the photos, I think it could have been a lot worse and am very thankful to be a faithful Ford truck owner. The Ranger and my pride were repaired and I still have it even today. It now has about 168,000 miles on it and I am hoping to at least get that many more out of it before I have to look at getting another vehicle. Thanks Ford, for making strong, dependable trucks.
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