My Ford Ranger Keeps Going!

By Ryan H.

My 96 Ford Ranger supercab 4x4 just rolled over 250,000 miles. The 4.0 engine and 5 speed transmission are the original. I hope to get another quarter of a million miles out of it.
Ryan H 10/04/2012
I've always changed the oil at around 3000 to 4000 miles and I just recently switched to a high mileage oil. It seems to have helped the small oil leak I had. I still never have to add any oil between changes though
john m 09/29/2012
why if they are still running great get rid of them, at today's prices, it's cheaper too fix therm than buy new.
Kenneth Robinson 09/27/2012
Apparently this fellow has properly maintained his Ranger to get such great mileage. I purchased a 1987 Ranger with the 4 cylinder engine. After 324,000 miles i simply tired of driving it and bought a larger truck. In 1999 I purchased a used 1997 Mustang with 43,000 miles. I just recently retired the Mustang after logging 392025 miles, replacing it with a 2012 Taurus. The engine still ran great and got 27 mpg. Needless to say, I like my Fords. Ken Robinson