My Ford Ranger And Levi's

My is Kecia and I have a 1996 Ford Ranger that currently has 222,250 miles. I purchased this truck when it had about 76,000 miles. This little baby has taken me a many miles. I am a supervisor with Levi Strauss and thought it would be a great advertisment for Ford and Levi to combine both great products. When I put on my Levis, high heels or flants and jump in the Ranger I feel like a million bucks. Even though my Ranger is a little old, it runs great! Had a upper radiator hose repaired the other day and a few men that were there asked me if I wanted to sell it. They could not believe how many miles it had and how good it looked. Of course a few "jokes" were made about Ford, but when I drove off, I looked in the rear view and they were "looking" lol. Thanks Ford for a Great Product. I you have any contest to win a Ford product, please send it to my email. Dont forget about the Ford/Levi publicity. I want to be the "Woman with great jeans in the Ford" I like that!!!!!! lol
J.R. Perry 10/26/2010
I've always been a Ford guy my 1st a 69 Twin I beam pick up and my current a 94 plain jane Ranger I got used 5 yrs old with 84,000 now 335,000 miles shes been rode hard and put away wet several times and showing her age but I'd still hop in and drive anywhere. My most memorable trip was to the moutains of Virginia following a friend then endin up towing his Dakota Big montana with 40 inch mudders back home to Indiana seeing the mouths drop and hearing the chuckles at fuel and rest stops. Planning on getting another one so this one can get some rest and recupe
Steven Klawson 10/20/2010
I have a 1998 Ford Ranger XLT with 194,000 miles on it. i use the truck every day. i brought
the Ranger over seven years ago with only 40,000 miles on it. I only replaced the alternator
and starter on the truck . Great truck. Ford does it right the first time.