i have a 1989 ford ranger special edition this truck serves as our only transportion . we rely on the truck to get our needs done. my wife has chronic deceases and as you know all kind of doctor and hospital visits' our truck is still getting to theses places. our truck has close to 500.000 miles on it and it still is running strong. i use the ranger to pick up scrap metals to make ends meet to help pay for meds. ect.. we live off of $650.00 monthly due to my wife being so sick and i had to stop working my job to take care of her because i could not afford to hire a full time nurse. i am not asking for anything the bottom i am proud that the 1989 ford ranger is very reliable and wanted everyone to know that the ford ranger special edition is a very good truck to own and well worth the money. sometimes things happend to vehicles so i had to have a starter put on and a computor but the it is a 1989 so i think that is great after being 21 years old. the motor in the truck is very quite there is no ticking noises and uses very little oil and still going strong. so i want to thank the ford motor company for making a great vehicle such as the ranger.... will post photo latter..