Life With A Ranger

In April of 1999 I bought this pick-up from my local Ford dealer. I never dreamed that after 13 1/2 years I would still be driving this truck. Almost each of each week I was driving this truck either on my round trip of 110 miles a day back and forth to work or hauling fire wood or hauling timber to be cut and split for fire wood. Hauling almost anything you could think of and/or pulling a 10 foot utility trailer with whatever. It didn't matter what I thought I could do with this truck it could take it and ask for more. With regular and routine maintenace this great truck never backed down, it was dependable and durable.
At the time I bought my last set of tires the people at the tire store were truly surprized that I had 312,000 miles on the truck with the OEM engine.
My goal for this truck was to achive 500,000 miles on it but saldy last week the engine decided it had gone far enough and decided that 388,450 miles was enough and it was time to quit.
I still have the truck in the yard, waiting on me to make a decision on what to do next.
The body is still in great condition for a 14 year old truck, interior is in new condition except for being a little dirty. Everthing still works just the engine got tired and decided to quit. But I can't complain, I feel like I got my monies worth and a lot more from this great truck.
Any body have any suggestions?
Nelson Nee
Let's all pray real hard that Ford brings the Ranger back very soon!!!!   It's new-truck time for me, yet there's nothing to buy if there are no new Rangers.   C'mon, Ford, be a sport!   We want our trucks back. 
Fig 04/01/2013
hopefully nelson, you decided to keep it. My Ranger is 19 yrs/old in August and with 300,000 miles on the original motor, it is more like one of the family.
xavier king 03/30/2013
hey buddy do yourself a favor and get a reman motor and keep on driving that wonderful american made product. Ford the best and never the rest