Just Look At Me....

We just purchased our second Ford Escape and I decided I would retire my Ranger and hope someone new would like her. But I must say its been a super truck, I only have 59,000 miles on it. Here's what I wanted everyone to know, I just put a new battery in it just because we are into winter and I didn't want problems. The one I replaced was the original one that came with the truck in 1999......I only drive 2 miles aday to work and it sits outdoors year round. You would think it would have killed the battery a long time ago. I have replaced the brakes and tires but mostly everything else on it is still the way it came. The only rust I have is on the the drivers door under the black plastic near the window, its starting to bubble up. The Ranger has served me well, it was only a 2 wheel drive and now I wanted a 4X4 so thats why I'm letting her go. Thank you Ford for building such a good truck, I hope our 2 escapes can last this long.
B. J. T 12/17/2010
An interesting note, one of my F-150s is a 99 and had the original battery until 09 when I had to finally replace it. Most of those years were in the Arizona heat, 3 years in Georgia and finally well into the second winter in Kansas.
I have heard of others with 99s having similiar experiences, a good year for batteries and trucks.
Michael 12/17/2010
I'm interested in buying this. What is the asking price, and how can I get in touch?