It's Still Going

I just wanted to share with Ford about how good one of their trucks is .In 2003 my fiance bought a 1994 Ford Ranger XLT 4x4 extended cab truck with around 90,xxx miles he added some extas it was a nice truck. A couple of years later he flooded the truck in a river he had to fix the transmission after that he rolled the truck and he had to fix the top and put on a new door he then just kinda gave up on the looks of the truck he has never really done anything major to the truck and rarely even changes the oil. The truck now has over 315,xxx miles and he still drives it he will pull his boat behind it to go fishing. I and our friends tease him and tell him his truck needs to be on a Ford commercial for being such a good truck. My father is a used car dealer and many of times he has used this truck as an example of how good Rangers are. My fiance is hoping someday he can afford to upgrade to a newer Ford truck but for now he will have to keep driving his 1994. I just thought this would be interesting to know about. Thanks for the great truck.
Tyler Durham 11/28/2011
Thats nuthing try a 1994 Ranger splash with 500,000miles with no sighns of weakness it runs like new
Derek Tellinghuisen 07/29/2011
I have a 1999 Ranger 4x4 supercab, its still running strong with almost 115K miles on it!