How Many Pounds??

I have loved my Ranger from the moment I bought it used in May of 2008. I knew it would be a tough little truck and would do everything I needed it to do, I've hauled round bales, mulch, and even an ATV with it. At my college, there is a tradition that goes back many decades called "Laking." When a guy gets engaged, his buddies will then pick him up, take him to the lake at the center of campus and throw him in (1,2,3...HEAVE!) Sometimes a truck would be used in the transportation of the newly engaged and his friends. I volunteered my Ranger one night, and as they all ran out of the dorm, I counted: 16 guys. I couldn't believe it. they all piled in the bed (2 others joined me in the cab) and we took off for the lake. 19 college guys from 150-250lbs each in a "1/4 ton" truck you would think that this thing wouldn't even move. I was pleasantly surprised when not only did it run just fine, but speed bumps were smoothed out greatly. Not too shabby for a "1/4" pickup.